Happening in Health! A gripping blog production that aims to explore the various intersections in healthcare and global health. An initiative by Global Health Youth Foundation- a UN GASS accredited youth led Global Health Think Tank.

The COVID-19 pandemic has ascertained that global public health is multi-faceted and interlaced with various other disciplines such as law, finance, politics, social and behavioral sciences, to name a few. The articles posted on this blog will all be written and curated by young advocates in global health, hoping to delineate the intricacies of global public health from a fresh perspective.

Happening in Health

HIH is a platform for free speech and discussion from young minds, which could have a role to play in global health policy-making in the future. To foster change, we need evidence-backed research and our writers offer a well-rounded one-stop destination through their informative and resourceful posts. We all work under the common vision that everyone has a right to health and information.

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-HIH Team

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