Scope of Work

Decolonising Global Health

"In the quest for global health equity, we must introspect and retrospect. We must rethink Education, Partnerships, Opportunities, Finances, Leadership and the Power matrix. We must enhance our critical thinking and learn from the legacies and ideologies left behind by our predecessors. We must realize and re- examine the colonial legacy of Power and Privilege. Simply we must do better!!!" DecolGH-DP1

Community Based Rural Health and Education Internship

Most Global Health Opportunities tend to be unidirectional. Hence GHYF has worked hard to bring about accessible, affordable and sustainable opportunities in the Global South. This Comprehensive Community based rural health internship offered by GHYF will include concentrations on Rural Health Policy, Advocacy, Health Education, Capacity Development, Program Management, Leadership etc.

Rural Health - COVID 19 Awareness

Global Health Youth Foundation in association with COVID War Room, Dept of Health, Govt of Puducherry and South Indian Medical Student Association conducted the Rural Health- Covid Awareness in 3 phases

Phase 1: Covid Awareness Toolkits translated to 6 languages- Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi and English to around 520 villages of South India during the 2nd wave in May, 2020, in collab with SIMSA.
Phase 2: in association with Puducherry Govt we have conducted small skits in the local language of Tamil on Vaccine Acceptance across 64 villages in Pondicherry, India
Phase 3: Research is to be undertaken on the Drivers of Vaccine Acceptance (using public health and anthropological research tools)- {soon to be active}

Climate Health Education (soon to be active)

Climate Health Electives for medical and law students and much more...

Oral Health

  • Calls open for Focal Points on Oral Health

Youth Consultation Roundtables

  • Youth Action in Covid 19, Focusing on Disadvantaged Youth
  • Digital Health
  • Medical Students Advocacy in addressing current issues
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